Britain the ultimate nanny state

How the once proud British people put up with this crap is beyond me.

At some point in the last 50 years Britain had its bollocks lopped off.  In case you missed it, allegations that Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a mean, mean bully broke over the weekend and dominated the airwaves and print in the United Kingdom.  Apparently, he yells at his staff and some consider him abusive.  Oh my!  It’s so bad that Christine Pratt, the head of the National Bullying Helpline said, “I have personally taken a call from staff in the prime minister’s office, staff who believe they are working in a bullying culture and that it has caused them some stress.”  Wait, what?

Members of the British executive branch call bullying hotlines? Seriously?

The fact that they even have a “National Bullying Helpline” is, in and of itself, another sad example of the British nanny state. Government PC and idiocy at its very best. <sigh>


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