The Botox Evita

This is a great piece on Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the president of Argentina. It seems her popularity has been in rather serious decline over the economy, her unseemly ties with madman Hugo Chavez, and some heavy handed dealings with the Argentinian press. But she may yet have an opportunity to redeem herself.

Few have been paying attention to Argentina recently but the discovery of oil off the Falkland Islands and the arrival of British oil rigs may heat up the region again.

Late at night, as the long-suffering inhabitants of Buenos Aires ponder the painful inflation-proneness of the cost of their favoured bife de lomo, the clatter of stilettos echoes through the faded grandeur of the Casa Rosada, Argentina’s presidential palace. A new crisis has descended upon the nation, but this time its glamorous leader, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, knows exactly who is to blame.

Away to the south, a giant British oil rig has arrived off the Falkland Islands, the isolated South Atlantic archipelago which Mrs Kirchner has described, in a characteristically fiery speech, as “an illegal colonial enclave”. No one can yet say how much oil lies below the wild waters around the islands, but it is likely that considerable riches are at stake – not the least of which, for the 57-year-old Mrs Kirchner, is the chance of reviving her battered political standing.

Well, I guess the ass kicking they got from the Brits back in 1982 may have faded too far from memory. Does she have the stones to do something stupid? More important, I suppose, is what would the British do if she did? They’ve gotten a lot more soft in the last 28 years…

Read the whole thing – it’s pretty good.


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