NJ Sheriff – Protect and Serve…myself


Big Bad Kevin Larkin

Here’s a story that should leave you: a) incredulous and b) righteously pissed off. Something tells me that the sordid tale of Mercer county (NJ) sheriff Kevin Larkin is going to get a lot more attention in the next week or so. From NJ.com:

Last November, Mercer County Sheriff Kevin Larkin won a third term in office.Then on Jan. 1, Larkin retired, and became eligible for an $85,000-per-year pension earned over nearly 27 years in public service.

But Larkin didn’t leave his post.

Instead, Larkin was cashing in on a move allowed under the state’s pension system: he can legally continue working as sheriff (at a $129,634 annual salary) while collecting a pension based on his “retirement” from that very job.

That, folks, is only the backstory to what will no doubt present some (hopefully) serious blowback for this huffy tin star asshole. It seems that an associate professor used the sheriff as an example in class and Larkin took exception, to put it mildly.

…elected county Sheriff Kevin C. Larkin entered Prof. Michael Glass’s West Windsor campus classroom during a lecture, called him by his first name, took him out in the hall, had a little chit-chat with him, marched him back in, and got the good professor to apologize for talking about Larkin, who stood real close to him the whole time. Even then, he left saying “this isn’t over.”

Strangely, this incident was about the only thing worldwide in the past 24 hours not to have made it onto YouTube. That perhaps tells you how free the students felt in the presence of a guy so apparently insecure that he has to emulate Bull Connor.

Double dipping (collecting a pension while continuing to draw a salary) is a budget busting problem in a lot of places – all government, by the way. While Sheriff Larkin’s example is not unusual or even illegal, his hubris and chutzpah in dealing with this situation is pretty hard to take. Let’s hope that the people of Mercer county have something to say about it.


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