Where are the jobs? Michigan addition

One year ago, our dear comrade leader spoke in Michigan promising that the “stimulus” would create 109,000 new jobs in that state. One year later the reality is that Michigan has lost over 162,000 jobs – such a deal! Oh I suppose they can just say it was all, um – Bush’s fault. That’s right, yeah, it was Bush’s fault.

No, they didn’t say that, they sent Captain Oblivious VP Biden to say that the “stimulus” is actually working.

And so the prediction has come to pass. Michigan has in fact lost more than 162,000 jobs since Feb 17th of last year. Being that we were promised 109,000, that puts the Obama administration, both ironically and rightfully so, in deficit for job creation, by 271,000 jobs in Michigan alone. Joe Biden came to Michigan on the anniversary of the signing of that legislative budgetary disaster to say one thing – it’s working.

You see that, you dumbass unemployed Michiganders? It’s working!


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