More money for schools – nothing to show for it

We have almost doubled federal per-pupil spending on education since 1970 with virtually nothing to show for it. The $860B+(was $787B) “stimulus” contained $100B for education and our dear leader’s budget increases education spending by at least 10%. Yet with all this money being poured into a black hole, where are the results? According to this by the Cato Institute, government schooling is nothing but a jobs program – for teachers and administrators.

Since the early 1970s, achievement scores for 17-year-olds — our schools’ “final products” — haven’t improved one bit, while the number of teachers per 100 students is almost 50 percent greater. If anything, then, we have far too many teachers, and would do taxpayers, and the economy, a great service by letting some of them go. Citizens could then keep more of their money and invest in private, truly economy-growing ventures. But no, we’re supposed to celebrate the endless continuation of debilitating economic – and educational — waste.

It’s time to take a serious look at abolishing the Education Department.


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