Captain Obvious? How about Captain Oblivious


Captain Oblivious

Move over Steny Hoyer – Captain Oblivious is challenging you for the title of serial moron! Kyle Olsen over at is calling VP Joe Biden “Captain Obvious” for his recent stunning revelations that the administration “gets it” about why people are angry. The only thing that is obvious is that they really don’t – get it, that is.

Vice Captain Obvious also had this observation: “Washington right now is broken.”  Help me out,  Joe. Your party controls 59 seats in the Senate.  You have a huge majority in the House.  Yet Washington is “broken?” Under whom is it broken, Joe?

This is the same Veep who said we must spend our way out of the recession, and now says our country is in “deep trouble” unless deficits are tackled. What a joke.

Indeed – what a joke. Read the whole thing – it’s brief and to the point.


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