Food Stamp program spiraling out of control

Here’s a report that shows how the Food Stamp program costs are out of control. The following graph illustrates:

food stamp costsSome of this can be attributed to the economic downturn, but I suspect most can be attributed to government employees encouraging people to take advantage of government programs that perpetuate their (the employee’s) existence.

But the federal government isn’t a charity; it is a forced transfer machine. The less fortunate, and society as a whole, would be better off if the taxes paid to support inefficient, counterproductive government programs were instead left in the hands of supportive individuals and organizations.

Read the whole thing…


2 Responses to “Food Stamp program spiraling out of control”

  1. Very good post but difficult to understand cause I’m spanish speaker 😉

  2. […] stamp fraud As the Food Stamp program increases to monumental size (more here), it’s only natural that waste, fraud, and abuse increase […]

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