Another clueless NY Times “journalist”

I really like because they link to articles and opinion from both sides. It is refreshing and sometimes humorous to see how the left reacts to issues of the day. This piece from the NY Times is a prime example of just how dense liberals can be – in this case, blockhead E.J. Dionne.

If you want to be honest, face these facts: At this moment, President Obama is losing, Democrats are losing, and liberals are losing.Who’s winning? Republicans, conservatives, the practitioners of obstruction, and the Tea Party.

The two immediate causes for this state of affairs are a single election result in Massachusetts, and the way the United States Senate operates. What’s not responsible is the supposed failure of Obama and the Democrats to govern as “moderates.”

Well, he’s got the whole winning & losing thing mostly right but he’s totally clueless as to why. “A single election result in Massachusetts?” Are you kidding? C’mon man! Instead of dismissing the TEA Party movement as a bunch of tea-bagging neanderthals, you should go to one of their rallies – just once, and with an open mind. And don’t go just to count the number of white faces or freaks with Hitler posters (that are Linden La Rouche leftists anyway). Talk to people and find out why they’re angry – not just with the president but mostly with congress and government in general. Are you deaf as well as stupid? [And I won’t even go into his “how the senate operates” here. He believes the senate should get rid of the filibuster when there’s a democrat in the White House. Of course this would not be mentioned if the republicans controlled things.]

…Republican Scott Brown’s victory revealed real weaknesses on the progressive side: an Obama political apparatus asleep at the switch, huge Republican enthusiasm unmatched by Democratic determination, and a focused conservative campaign to discredit Obama’s ideas, notably his economic stimulus plan and the health care bill.

Well again, he’s partially correct here – the dear leader’s political machine was asleep at the switch. But that was because they totally misread the mood of the country – they think we just don’t understand what’s good for us. “Huge Republican enthusiasm?” Huh? I’ve got news for you – we’re just as pissed off at the republicans (maybe more so) as at the democrats. Finally, “a focused conservative campaign to discredit the dear leader’s ideas?” That wasn’t particularly focused, nor was it particularly difficult to discredit ideas that have no credibility to begin with.

The general idea is that a majority of people don’t want an oppressively huge government spending their future away. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell – capice? No – you don’t.

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