UK Taxpayers provide mansions for the “poor”

England is a welfare state basket case. If I was a UK citizen, this story would make me want to hit somebody. (Normally I would say shoot somebody, but you’re experiencing a kinder, gentler Mook these days.)

Apparently if you’re on the dole in England, and you’re due a bigger house, you can simply hunt up a mansion on the internet and have the government pay for it. Such a deal!

A single mother-of-six is getting more than £80,000 [$125,558] a year from the taxpayer to live in a £2million [$3,139,835] mansion in an exclusive London suburb.

Essma Marjam, 34, is given almost £7,000 [$10,989] a month in housing benefits to pay the rent on the five-bedroom villa just yards from Sir Paul McCartney’s house and Lord’s cricket ground.

She also receives an estimated £15,000 [$23,544] a year in other payouts, such as child benefit, to help look after her children, aged from five months to 14.

The four-storey house in Maida Vale has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a double living room, large fitted kitchen-diner with French doors on to the landscaped garden and a state-of-the art buzzer entry system.

Astonishingly, it is understood Miss Marjam found the house on the internet through a private letting agency, rather than waiting for Westminster council to give her a vacant property on their books.

She then applied to the council for the £1,600-a-week benefit – the maximum amount the council allows.

Miss Marjam said: ‘I moved here at the beginning of the month as I’m entitled to a five-bedroom house.

Astonishing! The story goes on to say that this is not exactly unusual in jolly old England. How long before we have this happening here?



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