State-run media desperately trying to save global warming

While the European press, particularly in England, is having a field day with Climategate, our own state-run media is desperately trying to spin the story as no big deal. Both the NY Times and the Boston Globe (owned by the NYT) published opinion pieces recently that continued the global warming mantra – despite growing evidence to the contrary. Never mind the “stolen emails,” the science is settled – you “flat earthers” and deniers are grasping at straws.

From the Boston Globe:

With all the interest in alleged misdeeds of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and hacked email exchanges among climate scientists, it is easy to lose track of the compelling strands of scientific evidence that have led almost all climate scientists to conclude that mankind is altering climate in potentially dangerous ways. Recent suggestions by gubernatorial candidate Charles Baker that the scientific community is split on this issue have unfortunately added fuel to this largely manufactured debate.

“Alleged misdeeds?” “Largely manufactured debate?” Really? Are these people serious? Who are the deniers now?

From Walter Russel Mead at the American Interest Online:

I am not sure how long the reputation of a great newspaper can withstand the consequences of this kind of news judgment; the steady (and to me, painful and unwelcome) erosion of the Times‘ influence and prestige is unlikely to end until its pages regain the reputation as the first, best place to learn about the vital events of the day. At some point, the Times will simply have to break down and let its readers in on the Climategate story.  When that happens, it will be interesting to see how it explains why it chose not to inform its readers, many of whom care passionately about this issue, of a series of vital developments unfolding one after the other on a matter of great concern. Was the newspaper so blinded by entrenched bias and assumptions that it was simply unable to see what was news?  Or did pro-environmentalist staffers actively work to block the paper’s ability to cover a major news story because they didn’t think publication would benefit an agenda they held was of enormous global importance?

With the continued precipitous decline of readership and ad revenues, the NY Times is in serious trouble. How long before they cry for a government bailout? Absent a miracle, they are headed for the bottom like the Titanic.

“It’s not your business model that sucks, it’s you that sucks.”

— Andrew Breitbart


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