Government schools running out of stimulus cash

Government schools got a huge cut of the “stimulus” to “save or create” jobs. With “stimulus” money almost exhausted, huge cuts are necessary and expected despite a 10% increase in spending promised in the federal budget proposed by our dear comrade leader. Everybody panic!

The nation’s public schools are falling under severe financial stress as states slash education spending and drain federal stimulus money that staved off deep classroom cuts and widespread job losses.

School districts have already suffered big budget cuts since the recession began two years ago, but experts say the cash crunch will get a lot worse as states run out of stimulus dollars.

The result in many hard-hit districts: more teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, smaller paychecks, fewer electives and extracurricular activities, and decimated summer school programs.

As I have been saying, this is NOT a revenue problem – it is a spending problem. In the case of government education, it is also a union problem. With all the handwringing and bed wetting about the pending catastrophe, the bottom line is that government schools have seen this coming a long way off. They knew that the “stimulus” was basically a one shot deal. They didn’t man up and make the necessary adjustments. Education is a local, not federal responsibility. We should abolish the Education Department and return the responsibility back to the states and individual districts.

Read the whole thing here.


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