DUI Checkpoints and illegal aliens

The NY Times is in bed wetting mode in this story. Apparently local police forces are confiscating thousands of vehicles from unlicensed (and uninsured) illegal aliens stopped at DUI checkpoints. Oh, the humanity! Aside from the fact that they aren’t arresting and deporting these people, where’s the problem?

Sobriety checkpoints typically take place on major thoroughfares near highways. On average, officers seize seven cars for each drunken-driving arrest, state data show. The disparity is far greater in some cities. San Rafael averaged almost 15 impoundments for each drunken-driving arrest in the last fiscal year, and the police in Oakland seized 11 cars for every drunken driver who was caught. And in Montebello, state records show, checkpoints netted up to 60 impoundments for every drunken driver apprehended.

So this Berkeley study is claiming that there are up to 60 unlicensed and uninsured driver on the road for every person driving under the influence?

Shouldn’t that be the headline and the lead and the real scandal here? Should we not step up the number of checkpoints?

According to this article, illegals are statistically over-represented in their involvement in traffic accidents including: hit and run fatalities, drunk driving accidents, and leaving the scene incidents.

Regardless of the actual amount, unquestionably illegal aliens are involved in traffic accidents, hit and runs, DWIs, and drunk driving deaths at rates that are far higher than their representation in the population – as much as five times greater. Even if only twice as much, I’ll let you do the math on the collateral damage and carnage being inflicted by illegal aliens.

It is worth repeating that NOBODY IS TRACKING the illegal alien component of the traffic accident carnage. This makes it impossible to do an accurate cost/benefit analysis to see if the collateral damage is worth having them here. However, there are strong indications that we are paying a horrendous cost with scores of Americans, and illegal aliens, being injured and killed on America’s highways and byways as a direct result of illegal alien drivers.

So much for a “victimless crime.”

Invariably they don’t have insurance so the cost shifts to the victims. Maybe the NY Times should examine that phenomenon and stop wasting their time on phony bullshit. Maybe they could actually start getting some readership back.


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