Climategate motherlode

Lots of Climategate news recently! Here are some of the best stories:

What we are witnessing, in defiance of officialdom, government propaganda and the bulk of funded researchers in the field, is the collapse of a scientific paradigm. This is something that has never happened before. Politically speaking, it’s a game-changer with the potential to overturn the normative assumptions commentators rely on. Not least of these is the idea that Australian voters will always give newly elected federal governments a second term.

In the latest edition of The Spectator, Matt Ridley, a veteran science journalist, offers an explanation for how the consensus came unstuck. “Despite 20 years of being told they were not just factually but morally wrong, of being compared to Holocaust deniers, of being told they deserved to be tried for crimes against humanity, of being avoided at parties, climate sceptics seem to be growing in number and confidence by the day. What is the difference?

“In a word, the internet. The `climate consensus’ may hold the establishment — the universities, the media, big business, government — but it is losing the jungles of the web. After all, getting research grants, doing pieces to camera and advising boards takes time. The very ostracism the sceptics suffered has left them free to do their digging untroubled by grant applications and invitations to Stockholm.”

Poppycock peddlers are found in every generation, but Al Gore’s get-rich-off-unsuspecting citizens is definitely a cake-taker in this lot of scoundrels.  And for the love of Pete, one would think that any self-respecting journalist would go after him with at least the zeal they show in examining Sarah Palin’s hand.

  • Wind Energy’s ghosts – thousands of wind turbines have been abandoned and left to rot. They don’t produce what they promised and are too expensive to maintain after the government subsidies run out. If wind technology was so great, private industry would have jumped on board without government subsidies.
wind turbines

Abandoned wind turbines in California

And despite all of this, our state-run media is silent or still spouting bilge and lies. This massive fraud will finally be exposed – hopefully before our government can do more damage…


2 Responses to “Climategate motherlode”

  1. Not only that but from what I understand, they stopped using tree ring data from after 1960 or so because it showed a cooling trend.
    Thanks for the link and comment.

  2. tommoriarty Says:

    The tree-ring data that Michael Mann used in his 2008 version of the hockey stick has a worse correlation to temperature than to atmospheric CO2. You can see the details here.

    best regards,

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