National Park Service – $50M for a new park

…in St. Croix. (story here)

parkIn a vote almost exclusively along party lines, the House of Representatives authorized the National Park Service to spend $50M for 2900 acres of land in St. Croix. Nice.

And of course, how can this really be justified when the National Park Service hasn’t even surveyed the area and has a $9 billion backlog for parks right here in the United States? Most Americans will never see this park. The parks here that they could afford to see are the ones that apparently need maintenance.

But then, maybe that’s an ideal situation for Democrats. They can afford to go see this beautiful, pristine park in the Caribbean without worrying about seeing any of us uneducated middle-class low-lifes. They certainly aren’t looking out for the best interests of their constituents. They don’t care about what constituents want. They’re completely out of touch with reality… and in control of our wallets.

In today’s economy, this kind of thing should be criminal…

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