Breaking News – Climategate

As if they just discovered this story, the Associated Press (AP) finally published a story on Climategate. And, while light on detail, it’s almost fair and balanced. (more here)

Does this signal a trend for the rest of our state-run media? Well, maybe yes, and then again, maybe not as this piece from the formerly venerable NY Times demonstrates. The NYT chose to spin the AP story 180 degrees out of kilter but that’s not particularly surprising coming from an organization that is flailing like the Titanic. Readership and ad revenues have been sinking for the Times and with any luck, they may finally go under in the next year or so.

Andrew Breitbart hit the nail on the head with this quote:

‘It’s Not Your Business Model That Sucks, It’s You That Sucks!’

Here’s a related story…


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