Why fear big government?

Victor Davis Hanson lists 5 important reasons why we should fear big government. I like this guy. He generally writes well-reasoned opinion that doesn’t devolve into vitriol. Even though I’m a huge fan of sarcasm, Mr. Hanson doesn’t use it often and I appreciate that.

His reason #4, which he titles “The Greek 4-step,” is a spot-on indictment of socialist/statist big government advocates. You know, like the ones so prevalent in the current administration.

Here are the apparent protocols of such big government socialism: no one believes in it; everyone seeks to cheat the system and others in it; no one wishes to criticize the system when it is easier to con it; the public pretension of humanitarianism encourages private selfishness — sort of like the noble French in 2003 going to the beach for their annual August vacation in scorching temperatures while the state was supposed to keep their aged parents, who died in the thousands, alive in non-air-conditioned flats.

Repressed anger is the national creed: those who work the hardest and pay the most for others less industrious or gifted barely constrain a seething resentment; those on the receiving end constantly channel envy and jealousy as mechanisms to justify why “they” should  redistribute income to themselves, the more deserving.

Read the whole thing…


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