Being a regular internet shopper, I get a fair amount of package deliveries – generally 1 or 2 a week. Most internet stores use UPS as their standard shipper, with FedEx as an option for overnight. My favorite store,, seems to use UPS for everything.

Fortunately most of the internet stores package their items very well so they can withstand UPS’s absolutely brutal handling. It is indeed a rare occurrence when I get a package that doesn’t have some type of shipping damage. That I have yet to file a damage claim with UPS is a testament to how these stores package their shipments. From what I have read, filing a damage claim against UPS can be a challenge.

I recently bought a very nice computer keyboard from amazon for which I paid $70 (which is about $45 more than I’ve ever paid for a keyboard). The photos below show how it arrived.


Fortunately the keyboard actually survived this ordeal – believe it or not…

As I said, this is not uncommon from UPS. The company I work for manufactures electronic equipment and ships tons of gear all over the world. They use FedEx exclusively. My previous employer stopped using UPS because of the high number of damage claims – they switched to FedEx. A former colleague worked at the local UPS distribution facility and said they used to play football and soccer with packages. He said that he would never ship anything via UPS.

I did complain to amazon about this. UPS does not offer an email complaint option so I’ll have to send a letter.

The other shippers are not without problems but it seems like here in Jacksonville, UPS is the worst. I most often use the Post Office to ship packages – they’re cheap and mostly reliable.

What are your experiences with UPS, FedEx, and USPS?

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