The government’s high speed rail fantasy

Our dear leader recently announced an $8 Billion “stimulus investment” of your tax dollars in a number of high speed rail projects. (Story here) While this “investment” may indeed stimulate work on high speed rail, it is fantasy. The estimated total cost of the “stimulated” projects is $60 – $100 Billion so a measly $8 Billion is a drop in the bucket that will leave the individual states to pick up the rest. Given that the states are in as bad (or worse) financial shape as the federal government, this is money that will very likely end up in the pockets of government officials and their cronies…


One Response to “The government’s high speed rail fantasy”

  1. […] “stimulus” money to promote the folly of high speed rail transportation. (previous post here) As anyone with even a shred of common sense knows, this is yet another monumental waste of your […]

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