Dept of Homeland Insecurity

On Feb 1st the Department of Homeland Insecurity (DHS) issued a report to congress on the “Strategic Framework for a Secure Homeland.” (You can read the whole thing here.) I didn’t read the whole thing but this item (from Red State) caught my eye:

The following item is in a bullet list of threats to America’s national interests (p. 7):

Dependence on fossil fuels and the threat of global climate change that can open the United States to disruptions and manipulations in energy supplies and to changes in our natural environment on an unprecedented scale. Climate change is expected to increase the severity and frequency of weather-related hazards, which could, in turn, result in social and political destabilization, international conflict, or mass migrations.

If there’s a Smithsonian exhibit on Muddled Thinking and Bureaucratic Gobbledegook, that paragraph belongs in it.


If there was ever an example of government stupidity, look no farther than DHS. Created as a response to 9/11 this bureaucratic nightmare oversees a number other government agencies including the ever-watchful TSA. Department Secretary Janet Incompitano (more here) has provided numerous examples of her exemplary service over the past year.

It’s really no surprise that, despite the whole global warming thing being discredited as a hoax, DHS would include this kind of nonsense in a report on homeland security. It just proves once again how deeply embedded this bullshit is in this administration. The article sums it up nicely:

Ms. Napolitano, it seems as though your party has a bad habit of taking a government agency with a worthwhile goal (in this case, the critical goal of Homeland Security), and confusing the mission with a mishmash of other incidental policy issues and distractions.

  • Our use of fossil fuels does not threaten our security.

  • There is no evidence of an increasing trend in the number or severity of storms.

  • ManBearPig is not going to kill us all in our beds.

Now, please get back to the serious business of securing our borders and keeping out the bad guys who would do our country real harm.

Read the whole thing…


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