The Deficit of Trust

Doctor Zero is one of my favorite writers of political and social commentary. Wielding sarcasm and wit like a rapier, this guy serves up some of the best opinion you’ll find anywhere. He invariably leaves me saying, “Damn, I wish I could write like him!”

In his latest column over at Hot Air, he slices up the president, congress, and government in general on the mood of the country and the failure of our “ruling class” to listen to us.

An example here:

Wouldn’t it be great to have a President who talked about trusting the ability of free people to make wise decisions?  Instead, the current occupant frets about the “deficit of trust,” even as the federal budget deficit soars past a trillion dollars, and his third request to raise the ceiling of the national debt – after only a single year in office – has brought it past $14.3 trillion dollars.

Why shouldn’t the public have deep doubts about Obama’s government?  He actually tried to pass off a $787 billion heist of public funds, laundered through his party’s loyal supporters or poured into imaginary congressional districts and zip codes, as a positive achievement in his State of the Union address.  He insults their intelligence with ridiculous “jobs saved or created” metrics that would cause an embattled business executive to be escorted from the building by security.  We don’t even know what happened to the million-dollar Nobel prize he was supposed to donate to charity.  I wonder if the lucky charity will have a valid zip code.

This article is a must read…


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