pinballMy first job in electronics was with an amusement games company. We placed games, pool tables and jukeboxes in bars & restaurants and split the take with the owners. This was a pretty good deal for the bar owner since he needed only to supply electricity (and put up with the occasional brawl) and he got 25% – 40% of the take.  As you can imagine, it was mostly a fun job – even if the pay sucked.

I recently found this fascinating article on the history of Pinball and got to thinking – I haven’t seen a pinball machine in years. Do they even exist any more? I’ll bet that some of you have never even seen a pinball machine.

More here and here…


2 Responses to “Pinball!”

  1. I miss the old pinball boxes. They came back for a while as a curiosity for the video game generation, but the real problem is finding the right environment for them. Soda shops are long gone, and they just don’t fit in with a cafe. I recognized one from my youth in a restaurant not long ago and was about to go up to it when I realized it was roped off as an “exhibit” for the decor. Tad offputting, on more than one count.

    • There is still one company making pinball machines so they must be somewhere. I haven’t been to Dave & Busters in ages and don’t remember if they had them there – it would likely be an appropriate venue.

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