Pay us off? Taliban says, “Up yours!”

A couple of days ago I posted this story about the US & Britain scheming to pay off the Taliban. Well, the Taliban has issued a response – “Up yours!” (Or to quote the response of Gen. McAuliffe to a German demand for surrender during the Battle of the Bulge – NUTS!)

“They think the mujahedin will be enticed by money or by positions of power,” a Taliban statement read. ”Such thoughts are baseless and futile and have no truth.”

Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. special envoy to the region, said there was no discussion of an amnesty for the Taliban, stressing the immediate aim was to end the fighting.  The Taliban statement said that the only way to end the conflict in Afghanistan was through the departure of foreign military forces.

The simple fact is our government’s strategy for dealing with islamic terrorism is a massive, epic, total FAIL at all levels. (Mark this on your calendar folks, Da Mook about to be generous with the current administration – it doesn’t happen often.) Now I don’t necessarily completely fault this administration for this situation. Bush, for all the right moves he made after 9/11, unbelievably allowed the communists and subversives in his State Department (holdovers from the Clinton years) to undermine his efforts in the last 4 years of his term. However, given the spectacular FAIL of our “smart diplomacy,” the lion’s share of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of our dear comrade leader. The utter wrong headedness of the belief that “poverty” and lack of democracy creates terrorists is stunning in the face of the facts as we know them.

Here’s the bottom line on islamic terrorism: They hate us because we are non-believers of islam. Not because they are poor or uneducated or non-participants in the benefits of democracy. Their religion obligates them to kill or subjugate infidels (non-believers). They see our soft-headed efforts to mollify them as weakness to be exploited. These people will stop at nothing to eradicate Western culture. PERIOD.

Until we fully understand this and deal with it appropriately, we will continue to be in danger.


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