Government bonuses

Did you know that more than 75% of TSA employees will get performance bonuses for 2009? That’s right, 3/4 of the TSA drones are “outstanding” performers – like this one:

tsa worker

TSA hard at work

Better yet, the bonuses are on top of their annual Cost Of Living (COLA) increases.

Seventy-six percent of employees under the agency’s Performance Accountability and Standards System will receive pay boosts or bonuses, based on the quality of their work in 2009, the report said. These payments will supplement an annual cost-of-living increase, which has yet to be determined. The percentage of employees receiving a raise is roughly the same as last year, but TSA cautioned that some employees might not receive as much money despite similar performance.

“While the pay pool for 2009 performance will ensure that PASS-covered employees are properly recognized for their hard work and outstanding achievements, there is no guarantee that all PASS-covered employees will receive a payout equal to or greater than their 2008 performance payout,” the report stated. “In addition, due to the unpredictability of current and future budget levels, the overall funding level should not be viewed as a guarantee of future pay pool levels.”

Isn’t that nice that these government schleps are “properly recognized for their hard work and outstanding achievement” – I feel better already, don’t you? After all, they deserve it, right? RIGHT? For what it’s worth, I haven’t had any type of increase in almost 2 years. I guess I’m just not doing the “outstanding” job that these government servants are…


3 Responses to “Government bonuses”

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