It’s the iPad!

Apple Computer unveiled its long awaited tablet computer that had the tech industry abuzz for months (or years, actually). The announcement was all over the news, especially the Tech sites. Feminine hygiene jokes aside (more here), my absolute favorite headline was this:

‘iPad’ promises to be difficult for Bostonians to differentiate from ‘iPod’


Seriously though, it looks like an oversized iPod Touch:


Steve Jobs with the iPad

I suppose that, given the success of the iPhone and iPod, it was only a natural progression that the iPad would look like an overgrown version of both. In addition, it will run a similar version of software as the iPod touch and most of the applications from the App Store will run on the iPad as well.

Of course there are plenty of critics of the iPad – apparently with good reason. One of the biggest mistakes I can see is that Apple is still hooked up with AT&T (= FAI&L) for 3G data plans with the iPad. Although the iPad will ship without a 3G plan, they apparently haven’t learned their lesson.

I like Apple and if it weren’t for the fact that their PCs and laptops are at least twice as expensive as a regular PC, I would probably have 3 or more Macs at home. I don’t personally see an iPad in my future but I hope they have great success with this device.

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