Our Dear Leader – Deficit Hawk?

In his upcoming State Of The Union speech, our dear comrade leader will try to placate an obviously pissed off public by proposing a “spending freeze.” This will be part of an overall package to “save the middle class.”

While this might look like a welcome step in the right direction, he still plans on doubling down on his future-crushing obamacare, Cap & Tax, and Green Jobs fantasy programs. So while one side of his mouth is whispering sweet nothings about freezing (not cutting) spending, the other side is promising to increase spending to historic proportions. I’m sorry but even the golden orator that is our dear leader cannot pull this off – not even with the most gullible or most sycophantic (like the state-run media).

Some of the fine print of the spending freeze proposal shouldn’t be overlooked. Like the fact that any recommendations will not be considered until after the November elections (how convenient). Also the scope of the freeze will be extremely limited and is likely to produce miniscule savings. (more here)

The SOTU (sounds a bit like STFU) speech will be another example of our dear leader paying lip service to the real problems…


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