Government clown show in Detroit…

Headline: Auto industry holds its yearly North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit – political clown show ensues.

In the wake of the government bailout of GM and Chrysler, with so many reporters present it’s not surprising that the show organizers would also have to issue a large number of credentials to politicians — eager to get publicity and to show the automakers just who is in charge.

The first day of the media preview started at 7:30 a.m. with a press conference for Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. It ended at 5:30 p.m with a press conference for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the congressional delegation.

And these politicians and government apparatchiks know exactly what about the auto industry or how to run an auto company? Precisely nothing:

(Congressman, D-MI, Gary) Peters agreed that one of the problems that people in Michigan and the auto industry faced was that his colleagues were “completely clueless” about the auto industry, and he hoped that the trip might educate them. How broad an education you can get on such a brief trip is open to question, but the fact that many of his colleagues in Congress and in the Obama administration are clueless was plain to see from the LaHood and congressional press conferences.

Read the whole thing…


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