Get computers out of schools?

I’m not so sure I agree wholeheartedly with this but it is an interesting concept that deserves more thought and discussion.

“But the reality is that what our kids need most of all from schools – and libraries – is a respite from technology and time to give sustained, uninterrupted attention to learning the academic basics that they can then apply to any technological platform – just like the people who created those platforms in the first place. What we should be demanding from our schools is a computer- and internet-free zone.”

Well, yeah… I have commented from time to time about how the proliferation of video games, computers and TV has dumbed down our younger generation. Kids don’t read any more and they don’t play outside either. (When we first moved to this neighborhood I used to see lots of kids playing outside. Now, 10 years later – virtually none.)

Like I said, I’m not sure I fully agree with this but it does bear further thought…


One Response to “Get computers out of schools?”

  1. Remember the term “Idiot box”, and why it came to be. Computers are part of life now , but TV and videos games have the same effect as they did when the term ” idiot box” was used .

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