Hell Yeah! Brown wins in MA!

Massachusetts Senate

Scott Brown - the new senator from MA.

That rumble you felt last night was the beginning of the end for politics as usual in America. It was the “Scott heard ’round the world” – Scott Brown’s improbable win in the Massachusetts special election for “Ted Kennedy’s seat.” It was the sound of jaws dropping on the left, of democrats running for the exits…

In an azure blue state where our dear comrade leader won by 26 points just 14 months ago, a little known republican state senator was able to defeat a democrat for the first time since 1972. This election was considered a lock by both the democrats and republicans just one month ago – so much so that the democrat (Martha Coakley) didn’t campaign during the Holidays and the national republicans didn’t support Brown until the last week of the campaign. The fact that the national republicans didn’t throw their support to Brown until late in the game is a disgrace and will not bode well for them down the line. More on that here.

That some democrats would still not grasp the implications of Brown’s victory is understandable. They are still delusional in that they believe (or something) that our dear leader’s election was a signal that the country was ready to accept their collectivist, redistributive, socialist agenda. As the building tsunami of the Tea Party Movement has demonstrated, the dems are more than delusional, they’re insane.

Some are beginning to feel the groundswell but just can’t grasp the meaning:

“I have no interest in sugarcoating what happened in Massachusetts,” said Sen. Robert Menendez, the head of the Senate Democrats’ campaign committee. “There is a lot of anxiety in the country right now. Americans are understandably impatient.”

Impatient? Impatient? No, Sen. Menendez, they’re not impatient – they’re freaking pissed! This is precisely the attitude that is going to cost the democrats (and many republicans – are you listening Charlie Christ?) dearly in the next few years. At least he gets it that it’s not only the people of MA that are resisting their agenda, it’s the whole bloody country…

Scott Brown won, not because he was a republican, but because he ran a tight campaign that was focused on reversing the agenda of the left and the corruptocrats in DC. Scott Brown won in spite of the republicans and their despicable lack of support. He won because his message is right on target. If the republicans try to claim this victory, they do so at their own peril.

Make no mistake about it, Scott Brown’s victory was all about the Tea Party Movement and the power of the internet. It was about people who care about America enough to raise their voices and put their money and efforts behind those voices. I personally donated 3 times ($150 total) to Brown’s campaign and will continue to donate to those candidates who stand up for America. In the last 2 weeks of his campaign Brown was scoring $1Million a day in donations – from all over the country. It feels good to know that I am not alone and we can take this country back. This is the perfect example of the power of the people.

In closing I would like to leave you with one of the best and most powerful comments I’ve read on this election. From Moe Lane who blogs for Red State and has his own blog:

What’s next?
This message goes out to every vulnerable Democratic Congressman representing a Republican or even centrist district – and after tonight, who among you is not vulnerable? It is a simple message: we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way. The easy way is, you suddenly decide that you have a burning desire to spend more time with your families. So you don’t run for re-election, you walk off stage technically undefeated, and you go join a lobbying firm. The hard way is, you do run for re-election, and we pry you out of your seats.

We want to do this the hard way. We will enjoy doing it.

That’s your only warning. And remember: nobody is going to be able to save you. If the President, the DSCC, the DCCC, the DNC, the SEIU, ACORN, and the netroots couldn’t manage a win in Massachusetts… what do you think that they can do for you?”



3 Responses to “Hell Yeah! Brown wins in MA!”

  1. […] and continues to be a spectacular FAIL (more here and here) for the state of Massachusetts (see Scott Brown victory). Yet Romney defended this massive wasteful boondoggle in response to a question after a speech at […]

  2. I *LOVE* Moe Lane’s comments. I also love the new blog! I am trying to figure out how to subscribe, I always look forward to your links emails. Great job and congratulations!

  3. Great news, hopefully this trend will continue !

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